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Get The Smile of Your Dreams
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Specialist in Orthodontics in Fresno, CA

Bring out the Best in Yourself

Everyone has a better side of their personality that they want to share with others. We make it our top priority to make that side of people more apparent, and it all begins with a better smile.


Free Consultations

To help reach our friends and neighbors where they are, our clinic offers free orthodontic consultations to all prospective patients. You don’t need to worry about straining your budget in order to diagnose your dental situation. Come in today to learn which of our numerous services would work best for you

Orthodontic Learning Center

ORTHODONTIC LEARNING CENTER Looking for straight answers for straight teeth? We have put together a comprehensive learning center for those patients that want to learn more about orthodontics and how it works. We hope these questions and answers will help you make a more educated decision about your orthodontic needs.

Orthodontic Solutions

You don’t have to keep the smile that you’re born with. Our extensive orthodontic suite of solutions is more than capable of turning your smile into something you can share with confidence.

Corrective Surgery

For the harder cases, we offer a number of corrective oral surgeries, which can treat everything from tooth decay to jaw structure. Your oral health is safe with us.

Health and Lifestyle

Living with braces or wires in your mouth can be a different experience. Learn from our staff and previous patients about how to adjust to your new orthodontic lifestyle.

Smile With Confidence

When you look in the mirror, do you see what you want to see?

Our friendly staff goes above and beyond normal oral procedure to help your ideal and healthy self become a reality. Our practice philosophy is to treat each patient and their family as members of our family. We care just as much as you do that you can present yourself with dignity and enthusiasm to those around you.

Consult with us today to find out how our services can meet your oral needs

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