Dental Braces Offered in Fresno, CA

Brace Yourself For a Whole New Look

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered what your smile could look like?

Wonder no longer. Donald E. Snyder Orthodontics offers premier orthodontic services to the greater Fresno community. For more than 30 years, our clinic has given smiles a new and brighter shine. You would be surprised by what kinds of transformative options are available to you.

Trendy & Transparent

One of the biggest holdups when it comes to braces and wiring is a matter of appearance. Yes, you want to improve your overall oral health and presentation, but dealing with metal studs on your teeth for months or years can feel counterproductive.

We recognize that concern. That's why our clinic offers invisible braces and exclusive In-Ovation braces for affordable rates. The price of a new smile has never been more affordable or convenient for our patients.
Invisible Braces — Orthodontist in Fresno, CA

Getting Used To Your New Lifestyle

Living with braces is a different sort of experience. You've probably never had to consider what goes into your mouth beyond its nutritional value.

Now you'll need to care for your teeth in other ways beyond dental health. Avoid sticky, crunchy or chewy foods like tough meat, taffy candies and popcorn. These can be abrasive for the wires and studs on your teeth.

Instead, learn to enjoy softer foods, white meat, ice cream and yogurt. This will require some work on your part, but it will be worth it to keep on schedule.

Free Orthodontic Consultations

If you want to know what orthodontic treatments will look like for you or your budget, you can come in today. We offer free orthodontic consultations for all prospective patients. You don't need to worry about breaking your bank just to learn what your options are.

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