Temporary Anchorage Device Services in Fresno, CA


What is Oral Treatment Like

Picture some really thick taffy and a nice, sturdy pencil. If you try to press your pencil through the taffy, it won't break, but it won't just go right through, either. It'll take some time.

Your gums and teeth are a lot like that. Shifting your teeth means moving them around and then keeping them in place until your gums adjust. This often requires rigging, multiple treatments and months to allow your gums to secure your teeth in place.
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Secure Your Smile

When it comes to reworking the interior of your mouth, you want the very best treatments available. Sometimes the conditions of your mouth aren't ideal and we need additional leverage to shift things around.

This is where temporary anchorage devices come in. These small metal implants provide useful stability and linkage for wires and braces. They keep the tension tight and on point, speeding up oral adjustments and treatments.

Keep Your Procedure Risk-Free

Oral treatments take time and patience, so having a little extra help for your mouth can go a long way. Anchorage devices allow our staff to secure your wiring in a way that keeps up the pressure and makes everything precise.

When we make use of anchorage devices, it makes it a lot less likely for wiring to lose its strain and for things to loosen up. This makes it easier for us to tighten and shift your teeth.

Trust Our Precise Procedures

Metal implants might sound scary, but there's really nothing to be afraid of.

Each implant will be accompanied by a local anesthetic. You might experience some pressure while we insert the implants. They're small and very carefully placed, one at a time

You might notice them at first, but you'll be surprised by how quickly you'll adjust to having them there. There might be some discomfort when the anesthetic wears off, but Ibuprofen or Tylenol will ease the pain..

Get Started Today

The best time to begin an oral treatment is as soon as possible. These treatments take time, and your mouth will need to accept our anchorage devices before we can begin the rest of the procedure.

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