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How Did Malocclusion Cause the Pain in Your Jaw?


Your jawbones are some of the most important structures in your face and head. Your jaw shapes your face, allows you to eat your favorite foods and even speak clearly to your loved ones. But if your jaw hurts all the time, you could have a malocclusion, or bad bite, which could change how you do normal things like speak and eat.


Maintain Your Smile After Orthodontic Treatment With These 4 Tips


For many individuals, orthodontic treatment is a big step toward achieving their ideal smile. However, all too many patients assume that once their braces come off that their smiles are permanently altered. While orthodontia can provide marked improvement in the appearance and function of your smile, it's vital that you work to maintain the changes and your teeth's health afterward. In this blog, we list four tips that can help you keep your brand new smile beautiful for a lifetime.

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