Oral Treatments & Services for Fresno, California


Offering Treatment That Counts

Oral health requires more than routine surgery. Unlike a broken arm or a ruptured organ, it takes more than a short procedure to produce the results you want when it comes to your mouth.

You'll want the care and precision of a professional, the time for your teeth and jaws to adjust and a long-term strategy for oral health. We offer all of the above to our patients, and we know that you'll appreciate our discretion. Even though oral health can take months, the product is well worth it.
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Temporary Anchorage Devices

When we need to provide a point of reference for tooth adjustments or braces, we might implant small metal joints in your mouth, known as temporary anchorage devices. As the name implies, these are temporary, convenient and create no lasting complications.

Corrective Jaw Surgery

Not every oral problem begins with the teeth. For bigger issues, such as jaw alignment or musculoskeletal complications, we'll probably recommend some fundamental corrective jaw surgery. This straightens your jaw and prepares your mouth for further procedures.

Orthodontic Services

Slow and steady yields a healthy mouth, and orthodontics are no exception. With braces and wires, we adjust your teeth and bite over the course of several months or years. This can be an intensive procedure, but it's tried and proven for creating smiles that last.

Give Your Smile A Chance

Not everyone is born with a perfect smile. Some simply don't grow that way, and that's OK. That's why Donald E. Snyder Orthodontics offers its licensed and certified services to you. We're qualified by over three decades of experience and numerous certifications and awards.

We take your smile seriously. We will do whatever we can to make your smile reflect you at your best — happy and shining. Consult with us today to learn about our oral treatment options.